Ben and Siriporn

Sawaddee ka. Sawaddee krub. My name is Ben. This is my wife Siriporn.

What challenges were you facing before working with Baan Thai?

We originally come to see Noina and the folks at Baan Thai Immigration because I was going to Thailand to marry Siri and needed help with my visas and that to come over.

How did Baan Thai help you overcome these challenges?

Noina helped with getting all that done. Then they also helped us to apply for our marriage registration and to get my marriage partner visa in Thailand, which was very helpful because I had no idea how to do it.

They also helped with Siri to get her visa to come here to Australia. I’m very, very thankful for that because it makes it a lot easier because I am legally blind and Siri didn’t understand the process on the website. So Noina graciously helped us with that.