Thailand Permanent
Residency Webinar

Everything you need to know about permanent residency in thailand

What you'll learn:

  • Benefits of Thai Permanent Residency
  • 5 common misconceptions (+ corrections)
  • How to overcome the common challenges
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About the authors

Kasinee β€œIng” Suwan

Ing is a partner and senior counsel at Baan Thai Immigration Solutions. She has 25+ years experience as an immigration specialist. Ing helps clients relocate to Thailand and she assists with Permanent Residency and Thai naturalization.

Arisa Rukkhaphan

Arisa is a Thai and English language teacher that works closely with Baan Thai. She lived in the US for about six years before moving back to Thailand and starting her teaching career here. She has helped hundreds of people with their language learning journey, teaching Thai to foreigners for five years and teaching English to Thais for over seven years.