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What is Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI)?

The BOI is a national government agency with the mission of developing Thailand through foreign direct investment. One of the ways it does this is through incentives to international businesses looking to expand or relocate to Thailand. These include tax and non-tax incentives and BOI-specific work permits that allow firms to employ foreign experts in Thailand.

Baan Thai Immigration Solutions is your single source of BOI expertise: Our bilingual counselors will help you through every step of the certification process.

Why apply for BOI certification?

BOI certification offers a range of benefits, including the ability to avoid many of the strict regulations on businesses in Thailand.

How to apply for BOI Thailand


Central to the BOI’s mission is the development of Thailand through innovation, increased competitiveness, decreased disparity, green initiatives, and regional development. You must be able to show that your business will contribute to this mission through technology transfer or skills development.

Businesses applying for BOI certification must:

Agricultural, Bio, and Medical Industries:

Agro and Food Industry, Medical Industry, Biotechnology

Advanced Manufacturing:

Automotive, Machinery, Electronics and Appliances, Defense

Digital, Creative, and High-Value Services:

Creative Industry, Digital Industry, Professional Services, Tourism, Logistics

Basic and Supporting Industries:

Mining, Chemicals, Paper, Energy, Industrial Development


The BOI lists 8 steps for certifying your company:
Prior to this you should have already completed a feasibility study and have a good understanding of the Thai business environment. The Baan Thai team can help with any phase of your preparation and with the application process itself.


The BOI application process is complex, time-consuming, and demanding. It can be difficult to get your business processes and team members approved, and once up and running, it can be difficult to meet the BOI’s operational demands. Typical compliance challenges include:

The Thai government has an English language BOI website with an online E-submission portal.

The full details are listed in their Guide to BOI.



Board of Investment Experts

We are an international law firm based in Bangkok that specializes in helping foreign firms set up operations in the Kingdom. Our team of bilingual counselors help with all phases of BOI certification, from reviewing feasibility studies and registering the company in Thailand, to helping with the application and preparing for the presentation.

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At least three shareholders are required at all times. In principle, participation by non-Thais is limited to 49% of capital shares. However, this limit can be removed if the business is unique, does not compete with Thai businesses, or involves dealings among members of an affiliated company.
Yes, the BOI website is set up for online applications. You’ll soon discover, however, that the process gets derailed by opaque decision-making, unexpected requests, and technical difficulties. Unless you’re well experienced in Thai officialdom and fluent in the language, you may find it overwhelming. The most common comment we hear from people who go it alone is, “I really wish I had just hired someone.”
Yes. First, the new employer arranges a new BOI work permit and extension of stay, then the BOI cancels the existing work permit.
Yes. First, the new employer must apply to the BOI for the new work permit, then the existing regular work permit will be canceled. Unlike with regular work permits, the employee does not have to leave Thailand for the BOI work permit.
Yes, but the BOI work permit and visa must be canceled. This means the person must leave Thailand and apply for a new visa at a Thai embassy abroad.

The main BOI office is in Bangkok, and seven regional offices are located around the country. Note that BOI work permits are processed in the central Bangkok business district, not at the Immigration Center on the outskirts of the city.

There are also BOI offices in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, and the USA. These are tasked with promoting Thai business and industry abroad.

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