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I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the services of Khun Laddawan Hanchanameechai. 

Khun Laddawan led a team effort for a complicated matter at the US embassy on behalf of my family.  Through her experience and expertise, she was able to carefully navigate complex issues and was able to complete the matter on-time and within budget.

Her professionalism and dedication was paramount to a successful outcome.  I wholeheartedly recommend Khun Laddawan and her expert services.

Thomas D’Innocenzi

Principal - www.novaadvisors.com 

“My family and I are most fortunate and thankful to have met K. Kasinee and K. Siwarat and receive their services to renew our Non-Immigrant visas. They spotted and corrected mistakes from our last renewal and ensured the entire process went smoothly. We are astonished how quickly and organized they arranged the visit to immigration and completed the renewal process.

I am also thankful to K. Mark for following up with me directly and ensuring that I was satisfied with the process and didn’t have any questions.

Their vast experience and knowledge are highly appreciated and recommended to anyone requiring assistance with their visas and work permits. They made us feel like a part of their family, and we are tremendously grateful to everyone at BTI Solutions.” 

Scott Pal

Obtaining and maintaining my Permanent Resident Permit in Thailand

I got introduced to Khun Kasinee in the year 2000 when I decided to apply for a Permanent Resident Permit in Thailand.

Khun Kasinee guided and supported me through this pretty elaborate process. My personal involvement was minimal due to the extraordinary length she went to manage my application.  

Khun Kasinee managed to overcome each and every obstacle in a, what looked, easy manner. With these major efforts on her part we managed to obtain the permit without challenges and within the shorted period possible Once obtained, Khun Kasinee was available and supported me and my family each and every year without exception until today to renew the visa and to get a new booklet when needed. Instead of queuing for hours these tasks were usually done within maximum 1 hour.

Based on my experience I do recommend Khun Kasinee to take care of all your immigration issues as challenging they might be.

Eduard Hadorn


Superb service When I was planning to move to the United States with my fiancé, I felt so lucky that we were introduced to Khun Noina. She was very kind, friendly and super helpful from day one!

At first I was concerned that the fee would be really high because she had so much experience in the field and because she was highly recommended by friends of ours. She amazed me with such an affordable and reasonable price! I’m so grateful that we worked with Khun Noina! She made everything easy and I completely trusted her every step of the way. To top that off, after I got the visa and moved to the States, I needed to work on getting US citizenship.

Khun Noina again helped immensely & guided me through that process too! It was so wonderful to work with her! What started as a business relationship quickly evolved into a lasting friendship.
Best Regards,

Sudarut Gilbertson

Working with Kune NoiNa was a really great experience. When my wife & I were looking for a company to help us with our marriage visa, we chose NoiNa due to her vast amount of knowledge and experience and we’re so very thankful we did.

We heard so many horror stories from other people about obtaining a marriage visa, but once we decided to work with Noina all that fear & anxiety quickly faded. She was prompt, hardworking and had an answer to every question we could think of. She closely guided us every step of the way and we couldn’t have been happier. She made the whole process feel easy & stress free.

If you’re looking to get a marriage visa without any hassle, we highly recommend NoiNa. If you want to get your visa done diligently by a professional, NoiNa is your best choice.

Jason Gilbertson

“Ms. Kasinee has assisted me whether in personal or business matters in the past. In cases where others say the chances are very small, but Ms. Kasinee can take that opportunity to
make everything possible and I am grateful for all decisions she made. Moreover, Ms. Kasinee always works tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on your behalf.”

The Oasis Spa

“I want to thank Laddawan for helping my Thai wife secure her Canadian visa. Having not had a great experience with another immigration lawyer before,  I was looking for someone reliable, knowledgeable, competent, efficient, and with a high success rate. She was very quick, always replying to my emails and calling me, being very thorough with paperwork, looking into every detail possible to make sure my application was successful.”


“My husband and I were very happy to have Noina help us do our visa applications. Noina was very professional and thorough with the required paperwork and complicated processes. She puts her heart into each case and she loves her job. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional visa assistant – Noina will be the best person to help realize your love story.”

The Freedmans

“Having K. Noina to help us navigate the paperwork and processes with our married visa was wonderful. She was prompt to answer any questions, gave us peace of mind through the entire process and provided any clarifications needed. She is very professional and knows exactly what she’s doing, which made the process with USCIS go very smoothly. We highly recommend K. Noina to anyone who might need her help.”

Sangduan Mitchell

“In 2007, Khun Kasinee was assigned to handle my immigration case. My fiancee and I were trying to get married in Thailand, but I was not permanently located in Thailand. This presented some hurdles, paperwork and visa entry requirements. Since then we bought a house and Khun Kasinee also handled this. She is one of the very best Thai lawyers.”

T. Southerton (UK national)

“Incredible depth of experience combined with real expertise and very obviously connnected to all of the right folk at UK immigration. The team at Baan Thai were instrumental in the grant of a 5 year, multi-entry VISA for my Thai partner. And on the first attempt too. We’re now planning Khamkeaw’s first trip to the UK. If you need help with am immigation issue, don’t hesitate to hire them. You won’t regret it.”

Luke Spikes (UK national)

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