Thailand Privilege

Your path to enjoy all that the Kingdom offers for 5, 10, or 15 years

What is the Thailand Privilege program?

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Thailand Privilege offers 5-, 10- or 15-year visas along with points toward concierge services focused on your well-being. With it, you can come and go as you please with VIP assistance, fast track through immigration, and luxury airport transfers. And, if you’re lucky enough to work remotely from paradise, feel free to open up that laptop.

While the Thailand Privilege application process is easier than other long-stay Thai visas, you may still face challenges with Immigration depending on your Thai visa or travel history. We are an immigration law firm that can help you navigate the application approval process with Thai Immigration, and at no cost to you.

Benefits of Thailand Privilege program

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Baan Thai is a Thailand Privilege Authorized Agent

Benefit of working with an authorized agent:

Membership levels

Thailand Privilege offers three packages:

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. A limited Reserve package is also offered by invitation only. The key differences between the levels are length of stay, cost, and points awarded.

The point system works like a frequent flyer, premium credit card, or hotel reward program. The more points you have, the more benefits you can enjoy. Points renew each year but cannot be carried over to the following year. You can use them to enhance your enjoyment and well-being, including to book concert tickets, spa packages, golf, wealth management programs, and more.

Gold Platinum Diamond Reserve
Length of stay 5 10 15 20
Price 900,000 THB 1.5 million THB 2.5 million THB 5 million THB
Family member cost N/A 1 million THB 1.5 million THB 2 million THB
Points Awards per year 20 35 55 120

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Why choose us?

Baan Thai is:

Experienced law firm

Our Managing Director, Mark Friedman, is a US licensed lawyer and member of the California bar. He graduated with honors (Order of the Coif) from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law in 1987. His team of Thai legal counselors have decades of experience helping expats stay in Thailand long-term with peace of mind.

We help expats make Thailand home

Any long-term expat in Thailand will tell you how challenging it can be to satisfy all the requirements of Thai Immigration. Our founder, Mark Friedman, addressed these same challenges when he first moved to Thailand and wanted to find a way to make it easier for expats. He put his 35+ years of law experience to work and founded Baan Thai with this purpose. Mark’s Thai team understands how Immigration will assess your application and helps you address any issues effectively and proactively.

We help navigating your path forward

Our consulting and service for the Thailand Privilege visa is 100% free of charge—regardless of whether you face any challenges involving your background. What’s more, we’ll help you through every step of the process, from completing the application, navigating the background check, and answering all your questions along the way.

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Yes, there is an application fee of 50,000 Baht (inclusive of value-added tax). Payment can be made through direct deposit or bank transfer. Credit card payments will not be accepted.

The fee is deductible from the membership fee upon immigration approval. The application fee may be refunded if the application is not approved.

Anywhere from four weeks to three months depending on your background, nationality, and visa history in Thailand.

While the Thailand Privilege program is administered by the Tourist Authority of Thailand, the actual visa is issued by the Bureau of Immigration.

It’s usually because of the travel history or background of the applicant. If you have a record of overstays, a particular visa history in Thailand (such as a volunteer or education visa), or experienced bankruptcy, your application may be more likely to get rejected.

The points award program provides a way to redeem rewards or benefits within the Thailand Privilege program. These benefits can include free health checkups, airport lounge access, tours, and more. The program works similarly to frequent flyer, premium credit card, or hotel reward programs where a specific number of points enables you to claim a free flight, hotel booking, or other award. Points are awarded annually and cannot be carried over from year to year.

Working for a company located in Thailand is strictly forbidden on the Thailand Privilege visa. However, you are allowed to work remotely from Thailand for companies or clients located abroad in the UK, US, EU, and Australia.

As it offers no path to citizenship and work options are limited, Thailand Privilege isn’t suited for those interested in immigrating to or starting a business in the Kingdom. Ultimately, which long-stay option you choose depends on your goals, budget, tolerance for completing immigration requirements, and how you see Thailand fitting into your long-term future. If you’re unsure which visa is right for you, book a free consultation to talk with one of our immigration experts.

We are ready to answer your questions about Thailand’s Long-Term Resident visa.

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