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When planning on immigrating to a foreign country with your Thai spouse, receiving expert guidance is key. Attempting to navigate the immigration process alone can be overwhelming and tedious considering the complicated immigration bureau regulations, language barriers, and confusing paperwork to sort through. Baan Thai Immigration Solutions understands these challenges and are experts at navigating them. We can simplify and facilitate the immigration process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience all round. 

Renowned for our decades of experience and hands-on approach, clients worldwide rely on us to help them navigate the complexities of immigration. Our team of compassionate immigration professionals treat clients like family, forging close relationships while guiding clients every step of the way. 

Our fully bilingual team is highly skilled at overcoming any language and cultural barriers you may face, providing you with the right resources to start a life with your Thai spouse in your country of choice. 


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Our approach

It all starts with understanding what drew you to Thailand and what you hope to achieve in the long run. Working to meet your unique needs and expectations and helping you take the best path, we will accompany and advise you throughout the entire immigration process — you’ll never have to do anything alone.

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Free consultation to understand what you wish to accomplish

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Lay out the best options for your personal goals

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Guide you to an informed decision and assist you from start to finish

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What our clients say

"She was able to get her visitor visa for 10 years"

Hello, my name is Doug and I live in the United States. I have a friend that lives in Thailand. And we tried to


"The communication is great"

Hi, my name is Joseph Chi, and I’m an American who have lived extensively in Myanmar and now in Thailand for the last five

Joseph C.

"We are very, very happy to have been introduced to the team"

Sawaddee ka. Sawaddee krub. My name is Ben. This is my wife Siriporn. What challenges were you facing before working with Baan Thai? We

Ben and Siriporn

"Khun Ing accompanied me through every step of the Permanent Residency process."

Hi, my name is Ahmet. I am a legal executive working for a multinational corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles, in charge of our


"Within just a couple of months, Kratai was here in America."

Ten years ago we had no idea how to start to get my wife Kratai from Thailand to here. All the websites had all

Gary and Kratai

"Baan Thai, you rock!"

My name is Lisa Rivers and I’m actually doing this video because I believe that it will help other folks who might have problems

Lisa R.

"My family and I were very relieved and very happy."

Hi, my name is Scott. I’ve been living and working in Thailand for the past 2 and a half years. My wife and my

Scott P.

Want to move your Thai spouse to your home country? Here’s what you need to know.

Spouse Visa Basic Requirements:

Approximate time to obtain the Visa:

United States:

12–17 months

United Kingdom:

2–4 months


17–26 months


12–17 months

Expected government fees and expenses:

  • US$535 – US Department of Homeland Security

  • US$325 – Immigrant visa application processing fee

  • US$120 – Affidavit of Support review fee

  • THB10,000–12,000 (estimated) – Medical exam and vaccination fee

  • US$220 – Green Card fee

  • GBP1,523 – Embassy and document scanning fee

  • THB4,300 – IOM chest x-ray

  • THB8,000 – IELTS English test fee

  • GBP19.20 – Biometrics information

  • THB4,200 (estimated) – Healthcare Surcharge fee 

  • AUD7,850  – Visa fee

  • AUD1,310 – Prospective Marriage visa

  • THB734 – Biometrics fee

  • THB4,000 (estimated) – Medical exam fee 

  • CAD75 – Sponsorship fee

  • CAD475 – Principal applicant processing fee

  • CAD500 – Right of permanent residence fee

  • CAD85 CAD – Biometrics fee

  • THB5,500–7,100 (estimated) – Medical exam fee 

We are ready to help and to answer every question you may have.

Our dedicated and experienced team is here and ready to help you as we have for so many others. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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