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Thai Fiancé(e) Visa

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For engaged couples, moving to a foreign country from Thailand can be a daunting experience. With complicated paperwork to sort through and various regulations to comply with in both countries, the process can be overwhelming. At Baan Thai Immigration Solutions, we believe that being with the person you love shouldn’t be so difficult. With our Fiancé(e) Visa assistance, you can rest easy knowing the legal requirements in both Thailand and your home country will be satisfied — starting a new chapter with your Thai partner will soon be within reach. 

Baan Thai Immigration Solutions comes with decades of legal experience helping clients unite with their partners. Given our team’s expertise and strong relationships with Thai Immigration Bureau authorities, we can make the Fiancé(e) Visa process seamless for you and your loved one. 


Simple process

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It all starts with understanding what drew you to Thailand and what you hope to achieve in the long run. Working to meet your unique needs and expectations and helping you take the best path, we will accompany and advise you throughout the entire immigration process — you’ll never have to do anything alone.

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Free consultation to understand what you wish to accomplish

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Lay out the best options for your personal goals

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Guide you to an informed decision and assist you from start to finish

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The Oasis Spa
"Ms. Kasinee has assisted me whether in personal or business matters in the past. In cases where others say the chances are very small, but Ms. Kasinee can take that opportunity to make everything possible and I am grateful for all decisions she made. Moreover, Ms. Kasinee always works tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on your behalf."
Sudarut Gilbertson
“Superb service. When I was planning to move to the United States with my fiancé, I felt so lucky that we were introduced to Baan Thai’s Khun Noina. She was very kind, friendly and super helpful from day one! She made everything easy and I completely trusted her every step of the way. What started as a business relationship, but it quickly evolved into a lasting friendship.”
Jason Gilbertson
“When my wife and I were looking for a company to help us with our marriage visa, we chose NoiNa due to her vast knowledge and experience – and we’re so very thankful we did.  We heard so many horror stories from other people about obtaining a marriage visa, but once we decided to work with NoiNa all that fear and anxiety quickly faded. She was prompt, hardworking and had an answer to every question we could think of.”
“I want to thank Laddawan for helping my Thai wife secure her Canadian visa. Having not had a great experience with another immigration lawyer before,  I was looking for someone reliable, knowledgeable, competent, efficient, and with a high success rate. She was very quick, always replying to my emails and calling me, being very thorough with paperwork, looking into every detail possible to make sure my application was successful.”
The Freedmans
“My husband and I were very happy to have Noina help us do our visa applications. Noina was very professional and thorough with the required paperwork and complicated processes. She puts her heart into each case and she loves her job. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional visa assistant – Noina will be the best person to help realize your love story.”
Sangduan Mitchell
“Having K. Noina to help us navigate the paperwork and processes with our married visa was wonderful. She was prompt to answer any questions, gave us peace of mind through the entire process and provided any clarifications needed. She is very professional and knows exactly what she’s doing, which made the process with USCIS go very smoothly. We highly recommend K. Noina to anyone who might need her help.”
T. Southerton (UK national)
“In 2007, Khun Kasinee was assigned to handle my immigration case. My fiancee and I were trying to get married in Thailand, but I was not permanently located in Thailand. This presented some hurdles, paperwork and visa entry requirements. Since then we bought a house and Khun Kasinee also handled this. She is one of the very best Thai lawyers.”
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Taking your Thai fiancé(e) back home? Here’s what you need to know about the Fiancé(e) Visa process.

Fiancé(e) Visa Basic Requirements:

Approximate time to obtain the Visa:

United States:

8–12 months

United Kingdom:

2–4 months


23–30 months


12–17 months

Expected government fees and expenses:

  • US$535 – US Department of Homeland Security
  • US$265 – US Embassy Fee
  • THB10,000–12,000 (estimated) – Medical examination and vaccinations fee
  • GBP1,523 – Embassy and document scanning fee
  • THB4,000 – IOM chest x-ray
  • THB7,000 THB – IELTS English test fee
  • GBP19.20 – Biometrics information
  • THB4,200 (estimated) – Healthcare surcharge fee
  • AUD7,850  – Visa fee 
  • AUD1,310 – Prospective marriage visa
  • THB734 – Biometrics fee
  • THB4,000 (estimated) – Medical exam fee
  • CAD75  – Sponsorship fee
  • CAD475 – Principal applicant processing fee
  • CAD500 – Right of permanent residence fee
  • CAD85 – Biometrics fee
  • THB5,500–7,100 (estimated) – Medical exam fee

We are ready to help and to answer every question you may have.

Our dedicated and experienced team is here and ready to help you as we have for so many others. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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