Hello, my name is Doug and I live in the United States. I have a friend that lives in Thailand. And we tried to get her a visitor visa last February and unequivocably, she was turned down without them even looking at paperwork or anything like that. So we decided with hire Baan Thai and […]

Joseph C.

Hi, my name is Joseph Chi, and I’m an American who have lived extensively in Myanmar and now in Thailand for the last five and a half years. What challenges were you facing before working with Baan Thai? Before working with Noina, I was trying to file for immigration for my Myanmar fiance to the […]

Gary and Kratai

Ten years ago we had no idea how to start to get my wife Kratai from Thailand to here. All the websites had all kinds of instructions and you get bogged down in a lot of it. A lot of it’s hard to understand. Noina helped us with all of our stuff. It was 10 […]