Thailand Pass Test and Go Program Basics

Editor's Note: Since the writing of this article, Thailand's entrance requirements have been eased. For the most up-to-date travel information, visit How to Visit Thailand in 2022.

The Thailand Pass “Test and Go” program is the on-line solution for foreigners from 62 countries and Hong Kong who wish to enter Thailand and who satisfy three Covid-19 related health requirements.  The new system is designed to streamline entry into the Kingdom.  Effective and available on-line as of November 1, 2021, Thailand Pass replaces the Certificate of Entry (COE) system.  

The Thailand Pass website can be accessed at:  Helpful FAQs are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at: 

For the “Test and Go” program you will be asked to complete a short application form and download the following information:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Certificate of health insurance for the period of your stay in Thailand with a policy limit of at least US$50,000.00 (Note: you do NOT need specific Covid-19 coverage certification)
  • Booking for a night at an ASQ or SHA+ accommodation while you await your test results, including prepayment for the accommodation and payment for the RT-PCR test administered as soon as you arrive in Thailand
  • Passport Information page
  • Thai visa (if required for your stay)
  • Once your on-line application is approved you can download your Thailand Pass QR code 

When departing your home country, you will need to present to your airline your Thailand Pass QR code and the results of a Covid-19 RT-PCR test administered within 72 hours of your departure date (Note: if you are transiting through Singapore the testing requirement is currently 48 hours). 

Upon arrival in Thailand, you will present your Thailand Pass issued QR Code and Covid-19 test results.    Once you clear immigration, you will travel from the airport to your ASQ or SHA+ hotel by SHA+ certified transportation booked through your hotel.   Upon arrival at your hotel you will be administered a Covid-19 RT-PCR test by staff from the hospital that works with your hotel.

Once you receive a negative RT-PCR test result, your hotel will provide a negative test certificate and you will be free to travel in Thailand.  It is expected that test results will be available within several hours of administration.   This expected test result turn-around time is consistent with the timeline experienced by travelers entering Thailand through the Phuket Sandbox Program.

For those not fully vaccinated or from countries that are not currently on the low-risk list, please visit for more information about the other available programs to enter Thailand.   Also, below is a flow chart we received and translated from the Thailand Immigration Bureau for those that best digest their information visually.                   

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