My name is Lisa Rivers and I’m actually doing this video because I believe that it will help other folks who might have problems after they come to Thailand, especially the Bangkok area, with immigration or visa issues.

Baan Thai has been the company that I chose to use after looking through so many other companies when I had left the US without the e-visa. I thought I could get [the e-visa] outside of the country, only they come to Thailand and find out that I’m in Thailand without the e-visa, even though I did get the classification for the visa afterwards. It was not something that I could use once I had been in Thailand. So I went to Baan Thai to find out exactly what it is that I could do to obtain a visa without having to leave the country. So I called Baan Thai because I was having issues with, you know, understanding what route I needed to take in order to get the visa. And that’s where I met Mark, Ing and Koya. And Koya being the one that helped me. Well, the one thing that mattered to me the most was they were honest with me, they had experience in dealing with Thai immigration, and Mark, of course, who was not from Thailand had also had an experience of his own. And he also decided that he wanted to make it easier for folks like me, who come here and have problems to get what I needed without losing money without being scammed. Because there are a lot of scammers out here. Don’t believe everything you hear on YouTube, not only information is pertinent and up to date. So you really must, look for me, I felt that I needed to get with a company that would help me. So Baan Thai came in, I went into the office, I had a consultation with them. We talked about where I could, what I could do, my thoughts was, hey, I’m just gonna leave and go out and come back. But then I realized no, that’s not a good thing to do, or a reputable thing to do. Koya, Ing and Mark have been very, very instrumental and helping me get this especially Koya because she took all the money with me as did Ing on a couple of occasions. And the process with them, no worries, no headaches, no nothing. After the money came here, the process just went boom, boom, boom. And so folks out there, if you’re in need of help, it’s not necessarily that you will take Baan Thai or any other buddy. But also it’s just best to deal with someone that knows what they’re doing. And I think Baan Thai would be even if you just want someone to talk to about the process to understand the process that you might want to go in and sit down for consultation with these guys and see where it takes you. For me it took me to happiness because after all on the 24th I think the majority of my worries about a visa will be over. So hope this helps someone out there anyway Baan Thai, you rock! Holla.