Thailand’s New DTV Visa Makes It Easier Than Ever to Live in Paradise

Disclaimer: The Destination Thailand Visa (DTV) was just announced in late May and has not yet been formally adopted by the government. Use this article for planning purposes only. Additional information will be made available when announced by the government.

Dream of popping your laptop and working remotely from an exotic beach? What about learning Thai cooking among the temple-laden streets of Chiang Mai? Or Muay Thai in a gym below Bangkok’s glittering skyscrapers? If you’ve ever considered packing up your bags and moving to paradise, Thailand has just made it easier than ever, and you can even bring your spouse. The country’s new Destination Thailand Visa (DTV) was announced last month and is your ticket to stay long-term in the Land of Smiles. Here’s what you need to know.

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Why now is the best time in history to move to Thailand

Thailand’s DTV visa is unlike anything that’s come before it. The requirements (as you’ll soon see) are straightforward, especially when compared to other ways to stay in Thailand for the long-term and other long-stay visas in Asia. DTV truly breaks ground. 

Ask any long-term expat in Thailand and you’re likely to hear a similar story—historically, staying in the Kingdom has been challenging. Unless you were over 50, married to a Thai partner, worked for a Thai company, or were willing to pay close to $15,000 upfront, your only way to stay here long-term (ish) was an Education visa. DTV changes that. 

Now, entry for young people and those looking to work remotely or soak up Thai culture is easier than ever. For the price of 10,000 THB (roughly $275), you can stay in Thailand for 6 months at a time over a 5 year period (more details on this later). Paradise has truly opened its doors. But how long will this opportunity last?

Thailand has made some visa requirements more challenging in recent years, and it’s not uncommon for any country to do the same. Just this year, Greece changed its Golden visa requirements, more than tripling the cost of the real estate investment required in certain regions. Could the DTV requirements become more stringent at some point? Who knows. All we know is that if none of the current requirements change, right now you have an opportunity. And if you’ve been thinking about moving to paradise, now may be your best chance. 

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Who is DTV for?

If you’re 20 or older and want to immerse yourself in Thailand’s rich cultural, culinary, and spiritual experiences while using it as your home base to explore the wonders of Southeast Asia, DTV is your ticket.  The visa is perfect for young professionals, consultants, and freelancers who have the flexibility and want to work remotely from the Kingdom. But it’s not just for budding entrepreneurs. 

If you’re seeking a life change, considering testing out Thailand as a possible home, or simply a person looking to immerse yourself in the Land of Smiles, this visa is for you. In addition to being able to work remotely (with some restrictions), the visa also allows you to enroll in Muay Thai or cooking courses, seek medical treatment, or attend seminars or cultural events. 


  • Easiest visa to stay in Thailand long-term: Considering the price and lack of major requirements, DTV appears to be Thailand’s easiest to obtain long-term visa available. 
  • Bring family: The visa allows you to bring your spouse and children.
  • Live in paradise: In Thailand, you can explore an exotic culture as you live among majestic temples, stunning beaches, and crystal clear waters—all with a lower cost of living.


These are the visa requirements as announced by the Thai government:  

  • Age of 20 or older.
  • Visa fee of 10,000 THB, or about $275 USD.
  • A minimum financial capability of 500,000 THB (roughly the equivalent of $13,600 USD), which you must prove upon application and over the course of each extension of the visa’s five year term. The government hasn’t yet provided details on how to verify you meet this financial requirement. That said, for other Thai visas it often includes bank statements and tax forms.
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How long can you stay?

180 days at a time, with the ability to extend once for another 180 days. The extension will cost an additional 10,000 THB, or approximately $275. We’re currently unsure whether you must leave Thailand after your initial six month stay, and if so, for how long. Having visas that are valid for only part of a calendar year is a common practice in many countries, including the US and Europe’s Schengen area. 

Ability to work

You can work on the visa, but only for clients or companies located outside of Thailand. 

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When will DTV be available? Will requirements change?

The visa was announced late last month, but no implementation date has been confirmed. That said, we suspect it to be in the next few months because the Thai government is urgently looking to attract more foreigners to the Kingdom. 

As of right now, all the DTV visa details have yet to be announced. We don’t know how much paperwork is involved, how to prove participation in school or another activity, whether you’ll be able to apply online, and other specifics. 

Visa qualifications, conditions, and exclusions are likely to change in coming months. Which is why you may want to consider keeping in touch with us. 

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